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Dating online has now grown of the biases onward with additional online activities. As not even human relationships have been forgiven from the impact of the internet and social media, human relations of friendship, socializing, wedding, dating which are special and have so far been conducted personally since ages are not being controlled by the internet very much associated with another works and activities. As more and more extra users are contracting up for several dating sites and apps, the matters which appear in the use of this mechanism are also expanding. Fancy scams and frauds have grown one of the most extensively accepted cybercrimes today.

The growing number of sufferers to such scams is an impression of elevated interest and needs to be discussed at the most immediate. The episodes go extremely unreported and the victims experience the emotional shock of having been beaten by the one they believed to be their partner.

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India is a nation with powerful ethical values and culture that has been abided by Indian society to date. When it proceeds to date, Indian society at huge has a traditional sense over the equivalent. Though constantly with the impact of the rest of the world, the west, indistinct, the norms associating with dating have been relaxed. Now parents allow their children to explore partners rather than the age-old means of arranging their weddings.

This has directed to the notion of dating getting ground. As technology has not abandoned us to leave an impression over any arena, so it has not forgiven the dating life too. The notion of dating online is something we are well informed of, as one amongst the three personalities today, is dating online. It’s not unusual to hear the handlers – tinder, OkCupid, truly madly, happn, woo, hinge, aisle, Badoo, etc. By people nearby you.

How did online dating gain ground?

As dating grew famous in India, the various means to obtain a date also developed. Today, where everything is inquired after directly at the sense of a key, where things have been edged out to the degree that anything is accessible from any edge of the world as per the requirements, people have become habitual to this course. Time and space have been brought at the destruction of the individuals. It is this trend, evolved in modern years, that has developed online dating too. The notion of dating is to find a fitting match by reviewing the compatibility with the physique.

The quintessential circumstances which have led to the extensive use of dating apps are that those apps grant anonymity, availability, and a distinct mode of interaction and getting mates immediately.

Some desire to keep their identity secret while working with this mechanism of interaction that the apps store. The availability of partners in the region or region is another prominent cause that assists people to favor of this mechanism. Several people are not so pleased at reaching others in person at the first occurrence; they would prefer apprehending the physique first and examining whether they would be comfortable in the appearance of such other physique. They attain this way of communication adequately.

The facility of making matches instantly is the most powerful motivating factor as people have already acquired the inclination to get things completed at the sense of the key. Human relations have not been forgiven from this outcome, friendship over social media, marriages through marriage agency and localities, and dating through online dating apps have shifted the order of the era.

Dating online

Online dating has grown a mechanism through which people get to encounter new and interesting centers to seek romantic efforts. People today date online for various reasons, some do it for pleasure, some look for a significant relationship while few are only seeing for sensuality. As affirmed earlier, technology has not forgiven any part of our lives including human relations. The way we build relationships is so much concerned and ultimately formed by the impact of technology. With the appearance of the practical world getting ground, the personal touch has long been neglected. People today not just endure and watch after their work or professional life with the aid of machines but also their relationships.

Online dating gives an individual to reach someone with similar choices, drives and resided in the same region or nearby. It enhances it quite easy to find a suitable match. With most of the dating apps which need a survey examining their likes and dislikes, the cooperative profiles encounter each other. The profile of the person is a perspicacity into the physique at a look. These apps give all the assistance needed to find a quick fitting union.

Attention in online dating

While generating profiles on dating apps people distribute the data which is not eternally true and fake several times. Many hide their real identification and put up fake information and photos. Most of them are concerned regarding their security as they do not get the means certain. People lie regarding their matrimonial status, connection status, private information, etc while dating online.

The significant concerns which worry the users of the dating apps are, their equipment is affected with malware, etc through the dating program; they falling victim to people who would use their data toward them for extortion, blackmailing, etc; their data being improperly handled to track them, hack their accounts, harm their relationships, respect, etc.


Now, scammers do not miss to take benefit of any prospective condition, so when it proceeds to romance, they discover a way to it by online dating apps by assuming to be the proposed partner and then deceiving the users into believing them. They communicate the victims on these apps, building fake profiles, develop trust over days, and deceive them to providing money for some purpose over any possible story. They would usually claim to be from abroad and then ask for payment for various contingencies.

These romance scams do not simply create a monetary loss to the victim but destroy him/her emotionally. He/she is deceived by someone whom he/she considered to be his/her loved partner. The victims are so much touched emotionally; they experience anger, embarrassment, depression, trauma, etc. Many of them experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

there are several types of dating scams such as extracting money by gathering up videotapes and images or other stuff describing sexual content, targeting the LGBT society as they are hesitant to seek protection, extracting money through persuasive stories, etc.

A very well-known scam includes the scammer demanding the victim to join through webcam and asking the victim to undress and conduct intimate performances and filming it for extracting money on the pretense of exposing the records.

The LGBT community is targeted by the scammers readily as they are called on dates and then anesthetized, robbed of money, and beaten. Sometimes these personalities are frightened by scammers to satisfy their demands, physically violated, etc. Before the act in section 377 of the Indian penal code, the situation was even more critical. They trembled getting caught by the police earlier, but even following the change, the fear of public shaming executes them more helpless than other users.

Impact on teenagers

The teenagers in particular who consume all their days’ moments immersed in their electronic gadgets are most unfavorably influenced by the online dating method. This creates them to believe how shallow, random, and faceless connections are deprived of any sensitive affection and security. They are hooked on social channels; find it more accessible to communicate online, and analyze their social lives confined to the online domain. Sexuality is performed without emotional affection; they exchange nudes, involve in sexting, strip each another naked on video calls, etc.

Legal implications

There are no laws that especially improve the online dating system in India. A statement by the FBI’s cybercrime reported that the second most expensive division of crime after compromised company email is that of faith and passion cheating.

The current information technology act 2000 promotes lawful digital, automated and online activities to counter cybercrimes. Romance scams are cybercrimes and solutions can be attempted under the purview of the act concerning cybercrimes. The online dating gateways can be possessed liable beneath the act as it includes liabilities connected with the delegates.

Legislation that would impose commitments on the online dating enterprise for complying with minimum digital security measures to counter fake profiles and identification thefts would be suitable. The online dating organizations should even involve in placing up scam warning ads on their websites to generate awareness as well as anticipations from falling victim to the scams.

The government should on its share spread information concerning such scams and the vulnerability of the sufferers on the before-mentioned dating sites, this would make the users conscious and in the same period, the victims would come ahead and report such occurrences without delay.


As the online dating practice has made a position in society for numerous causes, the fact that its value would only increase with time cannot be revoked. Consequently, it fits important that the administration of the application of these apps and platforms be taken into force. The possible risks and threats that hide in the use of these positions cannot be ignored and the security of the consumers is the ultimate responsibility of the companies and also the administration. The users should also apply discretion in the use of these positions and apps and not be an accessible victim to the predators.

Author: Varun Vikas Srivastav,
Amity Law School, Amity University Noida and 4th Year BBA.LLB

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