Modes of acquisition of Property

Modes of acquisition of Property


Property defines to any object, either movable or immoveable, that’s possessed by somebody. The person are often either a typical individual, an organization or a company firm or the govt. property.  The thought of property occupies a vital place in human life as a result of it’s much not possible to measure while not the employment of fabric object that constitutes the topic matter of property.  Property could also be classified into- corporeal and unembodied property, movable and immoveable property, real and private property, public and personal property. There are 5 vital modes of acquisition of property – possession, prescription, agreement, inheritance and gift. during this article we are going to discuss concerning however a property are often noninheritable . In our Indian constitution, the correct to property is outlined properly underneath article 300A.

First of all, we’ve to grasp the thought of the word ‘property’. The term property springs from the Latin word ‘properietate’ and also the French equivalent ‘proprius’ which implies a factor in hand. The thought of property and possession are terribly closely associated with one another. There are often no property while not possession and possession while not property.

The term Property isn’t a Term of Art. it’s been utilized in a spread of senses. In its widest sense, Property includes all the legal rights of someone of no matter description The property of a person is all that’s his in law. within the narrower sense, the property includes the proprietary rights of someone and not his personal rights. Proprietary rights represent his estate or property and private rights represent his standing or personal and condition. In another sense, the term property includes solely those rights that are each proprietary and real. In present time intellectual or intangible property has become important. samples of such property and copyright, patent, trademark etc. consistent with jurist “property is nothing quite the premise of s sure expectation of explanation thenceforth sure blessings by a factor the rationale of the relation during which we have a tendency to stand towards it. there’s no image, no visible lineament which may property the relation that constitutes property. It belongs to not physics, however to philosophy. it’s altogether a conception of Mind. To it, all or any of those physical circumstances did not assist in transfer the thought of property.”

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Modes of Acquisition

  • Possession

    A possession is that the objective realization of possession. Possession suggests that Physical management over a factor or AN object. it’s Prima fascia proof of possession. The property that belongs to nobody i.e. Res nullius, belongs to the primary soul of it and he acquires a legitimate title thereto against the globe. A property that is already in possession of somebody else, once noninheritable  by possession, provides an honest title to the soul against all third persons except truth owner. as against truth owner, the soul is entitled to take care of his possession till evicted in due course by law. In such a case of adverse possession, there are if truth be told 2 house owners the possession of 1 is absolute and ideal, whereas that of the opposite is relative and imperfect and sometimes referred to as possessory possession by reason of its origin possession. If a possessory owner is empty its possession by someone World Health Organization is apart from truth owner, he has the correct to recover possession of a similar. If Property belongs to no one, the one who captures and possesses it’s an honest title against the total world. during this method, the birds of the air and also the fish of the ocean are the property of that one who initial catches them.

  • Prescription

    consistent with Salmond: “Prescription could also be outlined because the impact of lapse of your time in making and destroying rights; it’s the operation of your time as a vetitive reality. Prescriptions are of 2 kinds-Positive or rapacious prescription and negative or extinctive prescription. they’re of 2 types-

(a)Positive or rapacious Prescription

Positive Prescription suggests that the creation of a right by the lapse of your time. for instance, right of method is noninheritable by continued actual use of it, unarguably and brazenly for an amount Prescribed by law. underneath Indian Easement Act, this era is twenty years.

(b)Negative or Extinctive Prescription.

Negative prescription is that the destruction of a right by the lapse of your time. Example, the correct to sue for non-payment of a debt at intervals a prescribed amount is destroyed once the lapse of that amount. In India, limitation Act prescribes 3 years amount for extinction of the correct.

  • Agreement

    Property might also be noninheritable by agreement that is enforceable by law. The owner of a right will transfer his rights in property to a different with or inconsiderately. If it’s for thought, it’s referred to as a buying deal and if it’s inconsiderately, it’s referred to as a present. it’s one in all the vital principles of law supported the Maxim “Nemo DAT quad habet legime’, that’s nobody will convey an improved title than he himself has, as a general rule. consistent with author, AN agreement is AN expression by 2 or additional persons communicated one another to the opposite of a typical intention to have an effect on the professional relation between them. AN agreement has four essential components that are as follows -1) There ought to be 2 or additional parties to AN agreement2) Mutual consent of the parties3) It ought to be communicated;4) There ought to be common intention to have an effect on the legal relationship.

  • Inheritance

    Another methodology of effort property is by suggests that of inheritance. once someone dies sure rights survive him and depart this world to his heirs and successors. There aer others that die with him. Those rights that survive him are referred to as ancestral or inheriting rights. Those rights that don’t survive him are referred to as uninheritable rights. Proprietary rights are inheriting as they possess price. Personal rights aren’t inheriting as they represent simply his standing. However, there are sure exceptions to the overall rule. Personal right might not die just in case of hereditary titles. Proprietary rights perhaps inheriting within the case of lease for the lifetime of tenant solely or just in case of joint possession. Succession of the property of someone could also be either tested it or it should be intestate i.e., by suggests that of a can or while not a can.  If the deceased has created a can, then succession would occur consistent with the term to the desire. However, if there’s not can, then succession can occur by the operation of law that is thought as non-testamentary succession. just in case there aren’t any heirs of the deceased, his property shall visit the State.

  • Gift

    For the aim of creating a present of immoveable property, the transfer should be tormented by a registered instrument signed by or on behalf of the donor, and authenticated by a minimum of 2 witnesses. For the aim of creating a present of movable property, the transfer could also be affected either by a registered instrument signed as said or by delivery. Such delivery could also be created within the same method as merchandise sold could also be delivered.


According to Salmond there are  5 modes by that one will acquire the property. Possession is that the simplest relation between man and a factor. In Prescription property non-inheritable or destructed thanks to lapse of your time. Property might also be non-inheritable by agreement that is enforceable by law. Succession of the property of someone could also be either tested it or it should be intestate i.e., by suggests that of a can or while not a can.

Author: Beas Sain,
IFIM Law School , 2nd Year - BBA LLB / Student

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