Hospital’s Liability in Medical Negligence Cases in India

Hospital’s Liability in Medical Negligence Cases in India

In the past few years, the amount of medical negligence cases in India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} has enlarged cases in India has enlarged by four-hundredth. The recent medical negligence cases in Asian country by Delhi’s grievous bodily harm Hospital, shalimar Bagh, and Gurgaon’s Fortis memorial analysis institute for the death of a seven -year recent woman United Nations agency suffered from back bone fever, have yet again spoken the difficulty of rampant medical negligence in Asian country in camera and public hospitals.

A few months back, the Gorakhpur tragedy raised issues over the frightening increase just in case of medical negligence in Asian country. The death of around one hundred babies highlighted the shortage of acceptable medical facilities in government hospitals and began a blame game on United Nations agency is liable for the medical negligence that devasted quite one hundred families. However, the legal definition and remedy for medical negligence in Asian country area unit still unknown to several.

Cases of medical negligence in Asian country area unit at a all time high and there’s ought to place a stop thereon. penalty for medical negligence in Asian country is provided below Indian legal code additionally as shopper protection Act. so the doctor are going to be jailed and tortured.

What Is Medical Negligence In India?

Medical Negligence is Associate in Nursing act or omission by a health care provider, that an inexpensive, careful and competent skilled might have avoided. A health care provider is predicted to possess ‘reasonable skill’ and to follow the profession with ‘ordinary care’. Therefore, incalculable court choices, it’s been control liable if they need not used the best doable degree of care.

Professionals within the medical field embrace doctors, nurses, etc .,who area unit liable for the heath and upbeat of their patients . there’s a precise level of expectation that these professionals can give the best level of care and safety. However, some tending suppliers whether or not Inthe non-public or public sector, fail to measure upto to their responsibility and neglect their responsibility by acting malevolently for financial gains. it’s ultimately the patient and his family that complete up suffering either thanks to severe complications or perhaps death.

Sometimes, the negligence of a health care provider are often palpable that a criminal preceedings also can be initiated against them. below the Indian legal code, a doctor won’t be reprehensively liable if the patient has died thanks to some error in judgement or accident.

Medical Negligence In Asian country By Hospitals

When it involves the liability of a hospital, it are often control for medical negligence either directly or vicariously. A hospital’s direct liability arises once the hospital itself was a deficient in providing the safe and appropriate surroundings to the patient as secure. Vicarious liability of hospitals in medical negligence cases arises once a worker has acted negligently and also the hospital is indirectly chargeable for its employee’s actions.

The rule of vicarious liability in medical negligence is applied to the hospital is that the leader and also the doctors area unit its workers and also the rule of vicarious liability states that for negligence cases of workers Associate in Nursing leader is liable so the rule arises the vicarious responsibility in hospitals.

There area unit bound instances once a hospital are going to be control chargeable for medical negligence:

  • Improper maintenance of hospitals leading to patient’s injury or death
  • Failure in providing a secure and appropriate surroundings as warranted, referring to improper or out of whack instrumentality, lean accomodation,etc,.
  • Deceptive or dishonorable signboards, advertisements, and notices, false claims of a convenience of bound facilities.
  • Charging for a facility that wasn’t provided, or charging quite what’s mentioned within the displayed list of charges or in agreement.
  • Improper maintenance of records of treatment and failure at hand over such records to the patient or his authorised attendant/legal authorities among seventy two hours, that is seen because the violation of the medical council of Asian country laws,2002.

When will Liability of Doctor Arises?

The liability of doctor doesn’t arises merely once Associate in Nursing injury is suffered by the patient. The liability of the doctor arises once the injury is suffered by the patient is that the direct results of the negligent act of the doctor or the other health care provider. Thus, not each injury of patient comprise the compass of medical malpractice cases in Asian country there needs to be breach of duty by the doctor or the other health care provider like nurse, hospital workers etc. For the negligent act of health care provider the liability of hospital arises vicariously.

What to try to to just in case Of Medical Negligence By Doctor Or Hospital In India?

In medical negligence cases, the victim or his members of the family have the choice to use 2 legal remedies.

Firstly, a criminal grievance are often filed against the hospital or doctor for medical negligence. The Indian legal code prescribed negligence as a criminal offense below section fifty two, 80, 81, 88, 91, 92, 304A, 337 and 338. Section 304A deals with the crime of inflicting a person’s death thanks to negligence or rash acts.

Secondly, a shopper grievance are often filed for medical negligence cases below the buyer protection Act,1986. Medical negligence is treated as a deficiency in services by hospital or doctor below {the shopper|the buyer|the patron} grievance are often filed within the acceptable consumer forums in Asian country area unit divided into three tiers:

District Forum: cases while not total price up to Rs. twenty five 100000 area unit filed.
State shopper Redressal Forum: Cases with the worth higher than Rs. twenty five 100000 and below Rs. one large integer area unit filed here.
National commission: cases with total price of Rs. one large integer and higher than area unit filed here.


The Asian country  judiciary had been proactive once it involves medical negligence cases in India. Over the years, the court has provided for various laws and procedures to contend with such cases and created a trial to shield the patients aboard safeguarding the doctors against vicious claims. thus someone should consult medical negligence lawyers in India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} if he falls victim to medical negligence in India at the hands of any doctor or hospital.

Author: Duvvuru Sravya Reddy,
Ifim Law School, 1st year, BBA LLB student

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